About Us


Let’s start with a simple, honest down to earth approach, backed by years of actual Hands On experience.

We have talked the talk and walked the walk – with the T shirts to prove it, and yes they are green and yes they are recyclable!

A fully Independent Premises wide Audit to ensure that we capture the Full picture is just the starting point.

Energy Management and Energy savings – may well be the route to financing your Renewable Energy Technologies in the future.

Many of our competitors will simply offer and carry out an energy audit report  that is in reality focused and biased towards the manufacturer’s products and services that they are aligned to!!

We don’t take that approach we are independent of any manufacturers, installers, advisors or the like allowing us to present to you the solutions and systems that are the best fit for your individual circumstance not ours.

Renewables R US Ltd exists to be the expert advisor to it’s clients, we research and source the most appropriate, effective and robust solution and then present this to our clients in a simple, no nonsense report in a format that is easily understood, but still with enough of the Technical details of the recommended solutions that are best suited for their circumstances, now and for their future plans and needs.

DSCF2718All the solutions that are provided are shown with their forecasted savings and payback periods, as we don’t believe in the Guaranteed savings wording as none of us can guarantee what the weather will do this year or next year, but we do use the very latest meteorological data and base the payback calculations on that so nothing is hidden from you.

Cutting the costs of your Energy Bills – a dream or can it be a reality??

Renewables R US Ltd is a quite unique business in so far as we have access to the very latest thinking of what is happening in the Global Energy industry, from the policy makers to the investors, through to the product developers and manufacturers.

We bring all of this expertise into one place, so you have one point of contact, one person to deal with; we are a very specialist solution provider.

We are NOT your ordinary energy management consultancy.

From design, manufacture and installation of energy savings products worldwide, our teams of experts are trained, qualified practiced professionals, they practice what they preach with many of them having applied these very self-same measures on their own homes and work premises.

Our team has worked with and for many government departments including DECC, DEBERR, DEFRA, regional and  local authorities, HNS organisations, universities, colleges and schools, some of the biggest named retailers on the high street and supermarkets

From the sports and leisure industries and through to some of the biggest builders and developers across the country, and a whole range of SME’s across the country,

And by the way, we can even help you with this in your own home, just ask us.

Wise use of energy results in greater savings for everyone.