Your business

An Energy Saving BusinessEnergy saving in your business

Our business is helping you and your business to understand what is happening in your premises now, in these five simple steps:

  1. A fully detailed audit (which will need your input as you understand your business better than we would at first glance)
  2. Analyse and understand what is happening now, make an initial set of findings and recommendations.
  3. Liaise with you to discuss these initial findings and record the outcome
  4. Research and assess the appropriate measures, put together a detailed cost analysis of each recommendation and it’s outcomes.
  5. Present the report and recommendations to you.*

After that the decision is yours!!

We would like to think that having received your personal presentation that you will be happy to proceed with us, allowing us to show you what can be done about it, how much it is likely to cost, how much it will save and how it can be implemented – all managed by us – allowing you to do what you are good at – running your own business.

How we help your business, save energy, save cost.

  • We make a nominal charge for carrying out the audit and presenting the report, to cover our costs, which is fully redeemable against any measures undertaken resultant from that report – based against the savings achieved – so in reality it costs you nothing.
  • You are also left with a copy of that report which then enables you to obtain alternative competitive quotes on the recommendations contained within the report, so we believe it is a small price to pay – against the future savings that you stand to gain.