Energy Audit Service

Energy Audits – Durham
Our Energy Audits in Durham and the North East will highlight appropriate recommendations which will also include any necessary behavioral changes essential to ensure that when used with and only as required Energy Saving and/or Renewable Energy Technology measures.   The total of these actions result in you being able to reduce, monitor and manage that reduction by reducing energy consumption levels, operating costs, carbon savings and an enhanced level of staff involvement and the success in their shared achievements this will help to reinforce the actions once in place.  We find that many of our commercial clients go on to seek our advice as to how they can adopt similar solutions in the own homes.


These actions/recommendations suggested may include some or all of the following i.e. lighting, heating/boiler controls, equipment maintenance (essential to maintain safety and savings levels), automated energy management systems, insulation and draught proofing measures, review of existing glazing systems, water savings and management, waste management and personal process management training developed in partnership with the client, as there is little point in saving £10.00 a week on the electricity bills at the cost of lost sales/productivity.