Training & Mentoring Services

Training & Mentoring

Based upon a wealth of experience gleaned from designing, developing and delivering a range of traing and mentoring courses for the Renewable Energy Industry.

Our experts can deliver training/mentoring for individuals, groups, companies through to entire organisations to ensure that they obtain the maximum benefit – be that from basic Energy savings measures through to full blown integrated Energy Management and monitoring systems.

We have the capacity to deliver training and or mentoring in the workplace or even in individuals homes*, examples of these courses range from:

Awareness of Renewable Energy Technologies (The basics)

Assessing the site for Renewable Energy Technologies (a beginners guide to Site Surveying)

Energy Savings Measures – The basics  what does it mean to me, my business or my organisation.

Energy Management and Monitoring Systems – what are they, how do they work.

Technology specific training courses (not aligned to any specific manufacturer)

* subject to certain terms and conditions, please enquire for further information.

Please note our courses do not profess or claim to be certified against any specific standard – they are based upon real time experience from experts within their respective fields – presented in a professional non biased format – addressing the facts and suggesting solutions – we believe gives the maximum benefit to our clients to be able to make a “reasoned decision” based upon the information presented to them.