What we do

The audit and remediation of non performing renewable energy technology installations, for a full spectrum of clients ranging from some of the UK’s largest developers. Construction companies and regenerations specialists;

Kier Construction,
Tolent Construction/Tolent Living
Igloo Regeneration
Lorne Stewart PLC

Providing input and specialist advice to customers and their architect’s – these include the highly acclaimed ¬†JDDK Architects – ( The architect behind the prestigious The Sill Project)

Business owners wishing to reduce their overhead costs from saving energy and money by really looking at what their business uses energy on – what can be saved and then re-investing that money into the installation of Renewable Energy Technologies.

Working with the UK Diary farming industry, helping to develop the “Farm of the future – that is sustainable, profitable and still being kind to the environment, by better management of the “On farm resources” – as a packaged, bespoke solution, these include but are not limited to energy management audits and assessments, resulting in the installation of better energy controls, LED lighting, Solar PV & Solar Thermal systems, Anaerobic Digester systems, Biomass, Air & Ground Source heat pumps – in certain cases a combination of one or more of these as a packaged solution = helping future proof their farm – for the next generation.

Yet we are still actively sought out by private individuals – some of whom simply want someone that they feel that they can talk to, in order to get simple, basic honest advice regarding their individual circumstances, we have been in the industry a long time, respected by our competitors and peers alike – we think that says something:

Honesty, integrity, values and trust, that’s why over 90% of the work that we do – comes from recommendation and repeat business.

Commendations from some of our customers are below for your reference – so you don’t have to take our word for it – these are their words:

Private client whom wanted a Solar PV system (They went with us rather than a family members recommendation to use IKEA !!)  РSomething that we are very proud of:

David & Clare Jackson, Domestic Solar PV Installation.

A small business client whom lives in a property – built by one of our client’s – that had a Solar PV system installed by others – that didn’t fill her with confidence when it came to the ongoing servicing and maintenance of the medium sized PV system installed on her business premises – why because we were honest, hardworking , independent and truthful with her – and didn’t cost her the earth.

A national regeneration company active across the UK on development schemes that have the environment, sustainability and real people communities at the heart of everything that they do – why did they choose Renewables R Us, simply down to the fact that we did what we said we would do, when we said we would and deliver a solution that solved a problem for them – something that had been an ongoing issue – is now a source of satisfaction and comfort – that they have a support partner that understands – their needs to look after – their customers.

Major blue chip developers and construction clients – they called us in after being badly let down – by the specialists whom specified and then installed equipment onto several of their key new build projects, only to find that the installations were in some cases actually dangerous and had to be shut down for health and safety reasons, meaning that both they and their clients lost out on the benefits of the renewable energy technologies installed – that is until we got involved:

We carried out full in-depth audits on their installations, liaised with various equipment manufacturers and distributors, checked against the respective installation specifications and mounting instructions, provided onsite support to effectively take apart and then re-install as per specification their renewable energy technology installations – all backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty as the seal of approval for the works that we had undertaken.
They now have safe, correctly installed, correctly operating Renewable Energy Technologies and the peace of mind that it is now supported by the respective manufacturer’s warranty – thanks to Renewables R Us –

As usual the devil is in the detail, what we do is not Rocket science – it is the down to earth application of good old common sense, taking the time to :-

Listen to what our clients are saying to us,
Assess, analyse and develop a plan – to meet with our understanding of what the client has told us,
Formalise that plan and present it in a simple, effective, no nonsense manner that the client can easily understand

ACT, to deliver that agreed plan, in a timely, professional and appropriate manner.

So if it’s to do with Energy Savings, Renewable Energy Technologies, small, Medium or Large – why don’t you give us the opportunity to discuss it with you, our advice is based upon years of training, experience and making mistakes – the key is that we learned from those mistakes – so you don’t have too.

Don’t feel that you can’t ask – because you can, as you never know – you may ask us a question that even we don’t know the answer to – unlikely it may be, but if we don’t know the answer – we certainly know someone who DOES.